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*NEW* LGT8F328P Board R3 compatible with Arduino UNO IDE onboard Bluetooth 5.0

*NEW* LGT8F328P Board R3 compatible with Arduino UNO IDE onboard Bluetooth 5.0

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Bluetooth – Arduino compatible board

The same functionality of your UNO board, with integrated Bluetooth

Take your project to the next level!

This main control board uses LGT8F328P as the core master control and carries a wireless serial communication low power 5.0 Blue-tooth functional IC.

Compatible with BLE ATmega328 Wireless for IDE programming compiled environment.

On-board Bluetooth, USB-C interface, integrated power jack.

We will provide tutorials and example codes to help you get started. Just ask!


  • Internal crystal oscillator maximum main frequency is 32M.
  • LGT8F328P is compatible with AVR instruction set and has better performance than ATMEGA328P.
  • Added USB fuse to protect computer port.
  • Professional technical team and complete technical information are ready to support you. What is LGT8F328P? LGT8F328P is an AVR and Atmega328P instruction set compatible chip.
  • It can be easily programmed using Arduino IDE.

LGT8F328P parameters:

1)    LGT8F328P enhanced 8-bit RISC core, support 16-bit digital operation expansion, in the 1.8 V- 5.5 V operating range, the center frequency up to 32MHz

2)    internal LGT8F328P 32K bytes FLASH program memory, 2K bytes data SRAM, integrated control logic analog FLASH as EEPROM. part of the program FLASH can be divided into data FLASH space according to the application needs, and access to the EEPROM-like interface is achieved through the EEPROM controller

3)    LGT8F328P integrates a large number of analog peripherals, including 12-bit ADC, programmable gain differential amplifier, high-precision internal reference voltage 1.024/2.048/4.096V. 8-bit DAC and high-speed analog comparator; LGT8F328P also integrates the common digital interface controller, supporting multi-channel complementary PWM output and dead-band control

4)    LGT8F328P architecture design is relatively new, and its peripheral functions are much stronger than Atmega328P. In particular, the program's encryption capability far exceeds that of the Atmega328P

5)    Carry line serial communication low-power 5.0 Bluetooth IC, communication interface using UART serial port, receive sensitivity -96dBM, communication distance up to 10-50m, transmit power -20dBM-4dBM, baud rate 9600~115200. Serial transmission rate up to 4KB/S overall work performance far beyond the CC2540.



Input Voltage (recommended)


Digital IO pins

14 (of which 6 provide PWM output)

Analog input pins


DC Current per I/O Pin




Clock Speed

16 MHz

Operating voltage (logic level)



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